Pair of Table Lamps by Luciano Vistosi for Vistosi

Vistosi Murano
Vistosi Luciano
Table Lamps

Rare set of 2 Murano glass table lamps by Luciano Vistosi for Vistosi.
Perfect as a pair on the low table or as bedside lamps, the pieces reflect Vistosi's idea that "the implementation of this glass sculptures come from the pursuit for outright shapes and the will to subdue the quality of the material to the style and the firm belief that design is only the starting point for a masterpiece that can follow different ways"
(Courtesy Vistosi Catalog)

  • 8505
  • EUR 1980.00
  • 7.9 In / 20.0 cm
  • 10.6 In / 27.0 cm
  • 9.8 In / 25.0 cm